Corrections and Clarifications

Please check this section often in the event we need to make corrections or clarifications to the requirements.

  • 5/6/2024: Middle School Piccolo Etude Correction: Exercise: pg. 27, #8; beginning -18 (to breath mark), top line, no repeat, dotted quarter note = 88
  • 5/6/2024: 11-12 Grade French Horn Lyrical Etude Clarification: Lyrical Exercise: pg. 19, #7; Andante; all
  • 5/6/2024: Middle School Flute Technical Exercise: pg. 51, #16; all, half note = 92
  • 5/7/2024: 11-12 Symphonic Band Trumpet Lyrical Exercise: pg. 14, "Auburn"; m.16 - 28
  • 5/8/2024: 9-10 Concert Band Contra Alto/Bass Clarinet
    • Lyrical Exercise: pg. 37 #14; bottom line, beginning - m. 17, quarter note = 108
    • Technical Exercise: pg. 30, #8; bottom line, beginning - m. 19, quarter note = 138
  • 5/8/2024: 9-10 Concert Band Trombone/Euphonium Lyrical Exercise: pg. 19, #15; m. 2-25, quarter note = 104
  • 5/9/2024: 9-10 Concert Band Bb Clarinet Lyrical Exercise: pg. 4-5, #8; m. 1 - 22 + 1 note, dotted quarter = 50
  • 5/13/2024: Middle School French Horn Technical Exercise: tempo should be quarter note = 120
  • 7/10/2024: Symphonic Band English Horn Exercise: pg. 1, #1; m. 1 - 15 + 1 note (end on “E” quarter note)


  • Pay close attention to the specific editions of the books that are used for the requirements.
  • Repeats, D.S. and D.C. should be performed unless otherwise noted on the requirements. 
  • Grade levels indicated refer to the grade the student will be in during the 2024-2025 school year.


Middle School Band (7th & 8th grade)


Concert Band (9th & 10th grade)


Symphonic Band (11th & 12th Grade)


Piano (9th through 12th Grade)


Middle School Jazz Band (7th & 8th grade)

For the 2024-2025 Middle School All State Jazz Requirements, the following resources have been provided for the benefit of the Director & Students:

  1. The complete score & parts to both Etude #1 and Etude #2 so that you can use it in your classroom as a teaching resource. (Vibe part is included, however, it is only for your students to use in class, there is no vibraphone audition for All State Jazz.)
  2. Both etudes have practice tracks that can be found at The composer has graciously created these files to provide a practice resource for both Directors and Students.
  3. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to the Jazz Committee at


High School Jazz Band (9th - 12th grades)

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2023 Audition Scripts

These are the scripts from last year, for your reference until the 2024 scripts are available.

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Concert Band

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Middle School Jazz Scripts

High School Jazz Scripts


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