These are the audition requirements for the all-state bands that will audition in September 2019 and perform in January 2020.

Corrections and Clarifications

Check this section often in the event we need to make corrections or clarifications to the requirements

  • 5/2/2019: Middle School Band - Bassoon exercises updated
  • 6/2/2019: Symphonic Band Snare Drum: The last note of the 3rd line from the bottom and the 5th line from the bottom should be an 8th note,not a 16th note.
  • 8/1/2019Concert Band French Horn Technical Exercise, measure 3: The last 16th note of the third beat should be an F, not an Eb. 


  • As always, pay close attention to the specific editions of the books that are used for the requirements.
  • Repeats, D.S. and D.C. should be performed unless otherwise noted on the requirements. 
  • Grade levels indicated refer to the grade the student will be in during the 2019-2020 school year.

Middle School (7th & 8th grade) Band

Concert Band (9th & 10th grade) Woodwinds

Concert Band (9th & 10th grade) Brass & Percussion 

Symphonic Band (11th & 12th grade) Woodwinds

Symphonic Band (11th & 12th grade) Brass & Percussion 

Piano  (9th - 12th grade)

Middle School Jazz Band:

High School Jazz Band: