Welcome to the Mentoring Page of the Florida Bandmasters Association.

This page is directed at novice band directors, but can provide beneficial information to all who visit. This tab is intended to be a place where information on important subjects and techniques is shared. These articles are intended to serve as a starting point for thought and conversation. This tab is not intended to replace conversation between band directors. There is no better way to get help with the things that stump you in your band room that to pick somebody’s brain who has been there; to have a seasoned ear to listen; and someone who cares give you a push in the right direction. Please read these articles with the intention of finding that person, or persons, in your district.

On behalf of the Mentoring Committee and all mentoring liaisons, welcome to the Mentoring Page!


Karen Crocco, DMA
Mentoring Committee Chairperson

Mentoring Survey

The mentoring committee would like your input on current mentoring experiences and to gather information to better serve our membership in the future. If you would like to contribute, please click on this link to take this very short survey.

Mentoring Survey