New Additions Approved December 2023

2023-2024 Concert Music List

Sight Reading Content Guidelines 2018

Publisher Codes

Student Conductor Selections:

  • Lyric Overture, Erickson
  • Welsh Rhapsody, Grundman
  • From Shire A Sea, Davis
  • Heritage, Caudill
  • Lindbergh Variations, Sheldon
  • Early English Suite by Duncombe/Finlayson (Gr 2)
  • Scenes from Russia by Del Borgo (Gr. 2)
  • Bristol Bay Legend by Sheldon (Gr. 2)
  • Songs of Scotland by Williams (Gr. 2)
  • Five Little Dances (any three contrasting meters) by Creston/Longield (Gr. 3)
  • American Cameos by Jay Dawson (Gr. 3)

Middle school student conductors may choose any piece from the FBA concert music list with at least 3 different meters.