Summer Conference 2020

  • Model Musician Sounds by Jim Matthews
    • Recommended Reads suggested by Jim Matthews:
      The Power of Moments - Chip Heath & Dan Heath
      Beyond Success (The 15 Secrets to Effective Leadership and Life Based on Legendary Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success) - Brian D. Biro
      Wooden on Leadership - John Wooden & Steve Jamison
      Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks for a Better Life - John Wooden & Jay Carty

Summer Conference 2013

Summer Conference 2010

FMEA Convention 2008

FMEA Convention 2007

MPA Stress or Success by Andrea Tobin, rev. 2003 Niel Jenkins

Percussion 101: The Essential Truths and Their Practical Application Presented by Beth Gotlieb, Rollins College

A Higher Ethical Standard Presented by Duane Busse, Volusia County Schools

Advocacy FSMA

Band Director's Checklist of Professional Responsibilities
Band Parent Associations - Booster Clubs - Patron Associations Neil Jenkins

Notation Solutions for the Busy Band Director "Sibelius Music Notation Program" Jeff Adams

More clinic handouts are available on the FMEA Conference Archives page.