Audition Results

Full lists for all of the all-state bands are now posted on the FMEA Website for all members. 


  • Requirements: Audition requirements are usually posted in early May. 
  • Eligibility: Please refer to the FMEA All-State Eligibility Policy.
  • Audition Dates see below.
  • Registration: 
    • Students register for All-State Auditions through their Band Director.
    • Band Directors: register your students through the MPA Online system.  Contact your district chair for more information. 
  • Recording:  Directors, if you will be one of the proctors helping during the audition process, watch this video of the recording process.
    • *The 2020-2021 auditions will be recorded individually by the student using the HeartOut app for android or iOS. See the COVID-19 New Procedures below

Any questions about All-State auditions should be asked to your Band Director. 


During the 2020-2021 school year only, any elementary or secondary student desiring to audition for a Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) All-State performing ensemble may audition and participate when the following conditions are met:  

  1. The student must be enrolled/registered at a public school or a public school associated/directed e-learning or virtual setting related to a specific public school district or be enrolled in a private school, public charter school, home education music cooperative.
    1. For the 2020-21 school year only, students who would normally be enrolled in a music ensemble, but do not have the opportunity or access to a music class or ensemble, may audition for an all-state ensemble provided they are sponsored by an active FMEA/FMEA Component member teacher at the school where the student is associated.
    2. For the 2020-2021 school year only, home education students must be enrolled/registered at a home education music cooperative and sponsored by their active FMEA/Component member teacher from that home education music cooperative where they are a regularly participating member of an ensemble. 
  2. All students must be approved/sponsored by the school principal/headmaster/site or organizational administrator, and an active FMEA/FMEA Component member school music teacher at the school where a student is associated. 
  3. FMEA/FMEA Component members who approve/sponsor students will take responsibility for the students they sponsor throughout the FMEA Professional Development Conference and All-State Performance Ensembles.


Rehearsal/Performance Information:

All-State performances are part of the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Professional Development Conference in January. For more information about the performances and rehearsals, please see the FMEA Conference website and the FMEA All-State Conference Policies.

Directors of accepted all-state students are required to register and attend the FMEA Conference. See the FMEA Conference Policies for details. 


COVID-19 New Procedures for 2020 Auditions

Sept 1:
Director deadline to be a member of FBA/FMEA
**All FMEA/FBA student eligibility rules are still in place at this time but are currently under review. 
FBA Handbook, page 27, IV-C.2

Sept 16:
Director deadline to enter all students auditioning for all-state bands into MPA-ONLINE
*Late fees will be assessed for entries after the 16th

Audition Fees will NOT be collected by District Chairs at this time. The assessment amount will roll
over into the school’s assessment that is paid in the Spring. 

Sept 18:
All-State Paperwork/FMEA Contracts due to district chairs
*Late fees will be assessed for paperwork received after the 18th

The FMEA contracts can be PDF files emailed to and from the students/parents/district chairs, but they will need actual signatures on them, perhaps by using this free website to sign online: or parents can use Acrobat if they have it, or print the contracts and email back a picture of it signed (as long as it is legible when printed). 

Once contract barcodes are scanned by the district chair, directors will be able to see that they have been received on the all-state entry page. Also on that page will be an instruction sheet populated for each individual student including instructions for the HeartOut App (the app we will be using to record auditions), information that must be given when students create their user account in the HeartOut App (this includes their individual MPA Online Audition ID number) and the order of the audition music that the student must perform.

**If a contract has not been submitted and/or scanned, the instruction sheet including the individual MPA online student number will NOT be available for that student.

Video tutorials for the HeartOut App will be made available for directors and students 

Students will download the HeartOut App and create a user account. This account will consist of First Name, Last Initial, Student Email Address (this must be the same email address that is entered for the student in MPA online) and their MPA Online Audition ID number. 

The HeartOut App has an unlimited trial run feature so students can get acquainted with how it works, so they can hear the sound quality in order to adjust their phone placement, etc. Once students are comfortable, they can begin their audition process. 

Students will be allowed 3 opportunities to record their audition. Once all 3 are recorded, the student can select their best and MUST press SUBMIT. 

Fri, Sept 25 - Sat, Sept. 26: 11/12 Symphonic Band Auditions

Sun, Sept 27 - Mon, Sept. 28: 9/10 Concert Band Auditions

Fri, Oct 2 - Sat, Oct 3: MS & Jazz Auditions 

*Audition dates were selected so that each audition group had 1 weekend day available to record their audition.

HeartOut will have a help desk available to students during all 6 audition dates in the event troubleshooting is necessary. 

Nov 6: List posted to directors on MPA online

Dec 1: The latest that music will be emailed to students/directors 


Important Dates

September 1:
FMEA & FBA Membership must be current

September 25-Oct. 3:
All-State Audition Window - see specific dates above.

September 18:
Postmark date for Honor Band forms

September 19:
Conference Registration opens

September 26:
Hotels begin taking reservations

November 1 (tentative):
Results available in MPA Online

November 14 5:00 pm:
Conference Hotel Cancellation Deadline

Prior to Thanksgiving:
FBA goal to have band music mailed out for students

December 1:
FOA goal to have orchestra music mailed out for students

January 13-16, 2021:
Rehearsals and concerts in Tampa at the FMEA Conference