The Membership of the Florida Bandmasters Association believes that it must always be flexible to change, to stay ahead of trends and to always protect the best interests of our students and music.

As its guiding principle, the ASSOCIATION further believes that music holds a unique place in human existence and touches our lives in ways that no other experience can. We believe that our growth as individuals is defined in terms of our ability to develop thinking capacities, motor skills, and affective responses.

Music is unique in that it has the potential to develop people in all three areas, fostering performance skills, musical and musical creativity and response. We believe that because of its special qualities, music is clearly justified in assuming a prominent role in the school curriculum, both as an academic and an artistic discipline.

The ASSOCIATION further believes that music shares many broad objectives in common with the total school curriculum, but that it possesses the capacity to develop unique skills and knowledge. Among the intrinsic values that the ASSOCIATION holds to be associated with music are the following:

A. The development of aesthetic sensitivity.
B. Insight into one of the major symbolic systems.
C. The opportunity for creativity and self-expression.
D. The development of musical taste and values.

Among the extrinsic values are:

A. The development of coordination and physical skills.
B. Participation in structured organizations focusing on the development of various social skills that include self-discipline, responsibility, social interaction, the development of ethical character, good citizenship, and, finally, an important outlet for life-long learning.

The ASSOCIATION believes that the above stated values are strongly articulated through the medium of band, and that instrumental music education is an essential part of the school curriculum.


The ASSOCIATION is concerned with the promotion and development of band programs in the state of Florida by providing opportunities for in-service growth through clinics and conferences, and by acting as a resource for college and university pre-service training programs that encourage professional development.

The ASSOCIATION provides opportunity for realistic and constructive program evaluation through the sponsorship of solo/ensemble and large group ensemble Music Performance Assessments at the District and State levels.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the ASSOCIATION exist for the purpose of codifying and facilitating the stated philosophy, and to provide the means for change and amendment as needed.