These are the requirements for the auditions that occur in September 2022 and selected students will perform in January 2023.


Corrections and Clarifications

Please check this section often in the event we need to make corrections or clarifications to the requirements.

  • 5-2-2022 Middle School and Symphonic Brass and Percussion requirement sheets updated, fixing errors in middle school mallets, snare, & tuba, and Symphonic band timpani. 
  • 5-3-2022 Concert Band Trombone & Euphonium Lyrical exercise: should be "beginning - m. 19" (not 20).
  • 5-5-2022 9-10 Concert Band Bassoon Technical Exercise; begin at the printed Allegro Scherzando, where the three-four time signature begins as m. 20
  • 5-5-2022 Middle School Flute Lyrical Excercise: students should perform the top line
  • 5-10-2022 Symphonic Band Flute, Lyrical, pg. 38 #6; mm. 9-25, no repeat, take 2nd ending + 1 note (ends on middle line "B")
  • 5-10-2022 Some Middle School Jazz rhythm section swing etudes said "High School" instead of "Middle School" in the header. Updated files have been posted below. The music is still the same, only the headings were corrected.  
  • 5-11-2022 Middle School Bass Clarinet Lyrical Etude Change: Lyrical Exercise: pg. 20-21, #2; bottom, all, no repeats, quarter note = 96
  • 5-18-2022 9-10 Concert Band Trombone: Lyrical Exercise: pg. 4 (not 2), #1; mm. 1-20 (misprinted measure numbers show actual measure 20 as 19. The phrase should end on the dotted half-note "G"), quarter note = 60
  • 7-7-2022: 9-10 Concert Band Horn: Lyrical Etude; half note at the beginning of m. 3 should be a 1st space “F”
  • 7-7-2022: Middle School Band Oboe: Technical Etude; measures 19 & 21 should have E naturals (♮)
  • 7-7-2022: 9-10 Concert Band Oboe; Lyrical Etude, should end on the downbeat of measure 25
  • 7-14-2022: 11-12 grade Horn: Technical Etude; the 1st line "E's" in measures 17 & 18 should be "E♭' s". (Suggestion: in m. 21, beat 2, use "slur two-tongue-two)
  • 7-14-2022: 7-8 grade Horn: Technical Etude Suggestion: on the downbeat of measure 10, the  ff should be a sf)
  • 8-23-2022: Middle School Jazz Tenor Sax - Bossa Nova Excerpt m. 24, beats 1 and 2 should be taken UP THE OCTAVE. All surrounding pitches should be performed as written. (The "and" of beat 2 lands on a low A and can best be facilitated by taking all four pitches up an octave.)
  • 8-29-2022: Middle School Bassoon, Lyrical Exercise: The first note in measure 24 should be a dotted quarter note.


  • Pay close attention to the specific editions of the books that are used for the requirements.
  • Repeats, D.S. and D.C. should be performed unless otherwise noted on the requirements. 
  • Grade levels indicated refer to the grade the student will be in during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: The 11-12 Symphonic Trumpet auditions will now be using the Advanced Concert Etudes for Trumpet,” which is the 2nd follow-up book to the previous “Concert Etudes for Trumpet” book that was previously used.

Middle School Band (7th & 8th grade)

Concert Band (9th & 10th grade) Woodwinds

Concert Band (9th & 10th grade) Brass and Percussion

Symphonic Band (11th & 12th grade) Woodwinds

Symphonic Band (11th & 12th grade) Brass and Percussion

High School Piano (9th - 12th grades)

Middle School Jazz Band (7th & 8th grade)

High School Jazz Band (9th - 12th grades)


Jazz Etudes

Middle School Jazz Band Etudes:

High School Jazz Band Etudes: