These are the audition requirements for the all-state bands that will audition in September 2016 and perform in January 2017. 

Please Note:

  • The scale order for the 9/10 Concert Band Audition and the 11/12 Symphonic Band Audition is different this year. Scales will now be performed in the Circle of 4ths:
    Concert G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E , A, D.

  • A Contra Bassoon audition has been added for the 9/10 Concert Band and the 11/12 Symphonic Band. 

**As always, pay close attention to the specific editions of the books that are used for the requirements.

Repeats, D.S. and D.C. should be performed unless otherwise noted on the requirements. 


Changes and Corrections

  • Check this page often to check for corrections or clarifications.
  • 5/11/2016 Middle School Trombone/Euph Technical Exercise: "note repeats" should be "no repeats"
  • 5/13/2016 Some clarifications have been added to the requirements. Clarifications are in red. 
  • 5/25/2016 Middle School Trombone/Euph Lyrical: play #21 as stated in the requirement, NOT 21A.
  • 6/24/2016: High School Jazz -The incorrect track number for "Bolivia" was listed. It is actually Track 3.
  • 8/8/2016: Symphonic Band Flute - Lyrical Exercise m.9-23, take 2nd ending, plus 1 note (ends on middle line B)
  • 8/8/2016: Symphonic Band Flute - Technical Exercise m. 1-25 plus 1 note (ends on top space E)



Middle School Band (7th-8th grade)

Concert Band (9th-10th grade) Woodwinds

Concert Band (9th-10th grade) Brass & Percussion

Symphonic Band (11th-12th grade) Woodwinds

Symphonic Band (11th-12th grade) Brass & Percussion

Middle School Jazz Band (see etudes below)

High School Jazz Band

Grade levels indicated refer to the grade the student will be in during the 2016-2017 school year. 



MS, Concert, and Symphonic: etudes are in the books described in the requirements above. Pay close attention to the specific editions of the books that are used. 

Middle School Jazz:

High School Jazz:



Important Dates

September 10-24: All-State Audition Window

September 16: Postmark date for Honor Band forms

November 4: Potential date for results to be posted

Prior to Thanksgiving: FBA goal to have band music mailed out for students

December 1: FOA goal to have orchestra music mailed out for students



All-State Judging Rubrics

All-State Audition Scripts

MS Jazz Audition Scripts

HS Jazz Audition Scripts

Other All-State Information