The FBA Commissioning Committee develops criteria for commissioning musical works for band or other media as deemed worthy by the committee and with the concurrence of the Executive Board, funded by fines generated through Late Fees. The current chair of the commissioning committee is Brian Dell.

A Movement for Rosa, 1994
Mark Camphouse

The Sun and the Moon, 1995
Greg Dyes

Council Oak, 2002
David Gillingham

Clarion Call, 2014
Julian Bryson
Co-Commission with FVA
Performed by the combined All-State Men's Chorus and Concert Band

Hosannas, 2014
David Maslanka
Consortium for Gary Green's Retirement from the University of Miami

Journey, 2015
Paul Basler
Premiered by the 2015 Nine Star Honor Band

Once More Twice, 2015
Paul Baker
Premiered by the Glades Middle School Jazz Band at Midwest 2015
Florida premiere by the 2017 All-State Middle School Jazz Band

Der Lehrmeister, 2015
Robert Sheldon
Premiered by the 2016 All-State High School Honor Band
In Memory of Jack Crew

Mr. Bartow, 2015
Larry Clark
Premiered by the 2016 All-State High School Concert Band
Co-Commissioned with the Bartow Adult Band and the Bartow High School band to honor John DeYoung

With Solemn Gratitude and Joy, 2015
William Brusick
Premiered by the 2016 All-State Middle School Honor Band
In Memory of Duane Hendon

Florida Portraits, 2016
Brant Karrick
To be premiered by the 2016 Nine Star Honor Band

TBA, 2016
Michael Markowski
To be premiered by the 2017 All State Concert Band

TBA 2017
Chandler Wilson
To be premiered by the 2017 Nine Star Honor Band

TBA 2017
Mark Taylor
To be premiered by the 2018 All-State High School Jazz Band

TBA 2017
Andrew Boss
To be premiered by the 2018 Nine Star Honor Band

TBA, 2018
Travis Cross
Te be premiered by the 2019 All State Concert Band