The Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) believes that music plays an integral role in the education of Florida's school children.  To maintain that role, music educators in Florida must clearly understand their duties and obligations, and perpetuate the dignity and honor of the profession.  The FBA promotes collegiality, cooperation, and communication among band directors, and encourages open communication between band directors and their school administration, faculty, and staff.

The marching band, while very visible at many schools, is only one component of a balanced band program, of which the primary focus must be the concert band.

FBA Music Performance Assessments are the accepted standard of evaluation for high school marching bands.  It is common practice for high schools to participate in football games - home and away (within reason), FBA Marching Band MPA, and necessary community parades.

At the forefront of every decision regarding additional performances should be the question, "What is best for the students?"  Exposing students to bands from other areas or helping students to prepare for their performances at the FBA Marching Band MPA are acceptable reasons for scheduling an additional marching band performance.  When scheduling performance events and rehearsals, the band director must recognize the importance of the total educational process and remain sensitive to each student's needs in terms of academic persuits, family life, and extracurricular activities.  The director must carefully weigh the burdens of time and money that the performance schedule places on the students, their families, and the school community.

Examples of inappropriate practices include, but are not limited to the following:

  • excessive hours of after-school rehearsal
  • excessive fees required to participate in band
  • excessive number of events in a given week
  • excessive number of events in a given month
  • excessive time spent in closure after an event

Due to the physiological and musical development of Middle School students, marching is not included in the middle school curriculum; however, community expectations may occasionally necessitate a marching band type of performance.