Adjudication Committee  
    Chairman: Shawn Barat
  Members: 1 Brian Dell
    2 Jeff Cayer
    3 Shelby Chipman
    4 Steve DeLadurantey
  Meets: via email as needed  
All State Bands Committee  
    Chairman: Kristy Dell
  Members: Jr.H/MS Rep: Jeff Cayer
    7/8 Band Coord: Hannah Jennings
    HS Jazz Band Coord: Erich Rivero
  2017 MS Jazz Band Coord: Edgar Rubio
    HSHB Coord: Amanda Griffis
    9/10 Band Cord: Keith Griffis
    11/12 Band Coord: Joel Quina
  Meets: Jan. FMEA Conference  
Auxiliary Committee    
    Chairman: Chris Bonner
  Members: 1 Vicki Nolan
    2 June Stoeber
    3 Linda Boone
  Meets: via E-mail  
Benevolence Committee  
    Chairman: Mara Rose
  Members: Dist. Chairs: All
  Meets: e-mail  
Clinics Committee    
Ex-Officio Chairman President:  Cathi Leibinger
Ex-Officio Members: President Elect:  Ian Schwindt
Ex-Officio   Jr.H/MS Rep:  Jeff Cayer
Ex-Officio   Past President: Jason Duckett
Ex-Officio   PRC Chair:   Shelby Chipman
Ex-Officio   Clinics Facilitator Richard Davenport
Ex-Officio   Jazz Committee Edgar Rubio
Ex-Officio   Executive Director Neil Jenkins
    Collegiate Doug Phillips
    Collegiate Kyle Prescott
    Collegiate Tim Groulx
    At-Large Dayna Cole
    At-Large Shawn Barat
    At-Large Cindy Berry
  Meets: September/October and May
Commissioning Committee  
    Chairman: Brian Dell
  Members: North Rep: Shawn Barat
    Central Rep: Dr. Matthew McCutchen
    South Rep: Brent Mounger
    At Large: Dr. Kyle Prescott
      Dave Plack
      Doug Phillips
Concert Music Committee  
    Chairman Ted Shistle
  Members: Jr.H/MS Director: Jim Matthews
    Small HS: Kelly Dorsey
    Large HS:  Cindy Berry
    College/Univ: Scott Tobias
    At Large: Gary Bottomley
    At Large: Kristy Dell
    At Large: Ken Williams
    At Large: John Seth
    At Large: Malena Calle
    At Large: Ian Schwindt
Ethics Committee    
    Chairman Jody Dunn 
  Members: North Rep:  
    Central Rep:  
    South Rep:  
Music Performance Assessment Committee  
Ex-Officio Chairman Pres. Elect:   Ian Schwindt
  Members: Rep of North:  Jeff Adams
    Rep of Central: Joshua Autrey
    Rep of South: Dayna Cole
    HS Director:  Rick Fowler
    Jr.H/MS Director: Travis Henry
    Jazz Director:  Jeff Cayer
    Auxiliary Member: Chris Bonner
    At Large: Barbara Fultz
    At Large: David Fultz
  Meets: January FMEA Conference
    by email when necessary
Finance Committee    
Ex-Officio Chairman Acting Past President: Jason Duckett
Ex-Officio Members: President: Cathi Leibinger
Ex-Officio   President Elect: Ian Schwindt
Ex-Officio   Jr.H/MS Rep: Jeff Cayer
Ex-Officio   Exec. Director: Neil Jenkins
  Meets: Each July prior to the Board Meeting
Past-Presidents Advisory Committee  
Ex-Officio Chairman Immediate Past Pres: Jason Duckett
Ex-Officio  Members: All Past Presidents  
Professional Resources Committee  
  Chairman College instr. teacher: Shelby Chipman
  Members: High School rep:  Ken Boyd
    Jr. H/MS rep:  Jeannie Berry
    State DOE Music Cons:
    At Large: (College) Dr. Gordon Brock
    At Large: (North) Kelly Dorsey
    At Large: (Central) Zach Murdock
    At Large: (South) Evan Rogovin
  Meets: January FMEA Conference
Sight-reading Music Committee  
    Chairman: Zach Murdock
    Members: Larry Clark
      Lee Sellers 
      Nick Eggen 
      Jason Duckett
      Kristy Dell 
Solo & Ensemble Music Committee  
    Chairman: Dayna Cole
  Members: Jr.H/MS director:  
    Sr. HS director:  
Technology Committee    
    Chairman: Josh Bula
  Members: North rep:  
    Central rep:  
    South rep: David Wing
    At Large: Ashley Crosby
    At Large:  
    At Large:  
Special Committees:  
Jazz Band      
    Chairman: Edgar Rubio
    Members: Chris Banks
      Jeff Cayer
      Michele Fernandez-Denlinger
      Rob Lambert
      Jeremy Langford
      Tony Mayato
      John Normandin
      Erich Rivero
      Don Zentz
      Edwin Imer Santiago
      Wayne Miller 
    Chairman: KC Crocco
    Members: DeLaine Chapman
      Tammy Roggen
      Asa Jernigan
      Michael Antmann
      Michael Vail
Small Schools    
    Chairman: Kelly Dorsey
    Members: Chris Dunn
      Richard Davenport
      Asa Jernigan
      David Norona
      Jessica Russell
      Sonya Shearer
Adjudication Training  
    Chairman: Jon Sever
    Members: Ken Williams
      Brian Sullivan
      Larry Shane
      Jim Matthews
Legacy Project    
    Chairman: Tina Laferriere
    Members: Shawn Barat
      Dayna Cole
      Richard Davenport
      Jon Eckman
      David Fultz
      Joshua Grossnicholas
      PL Malcolm
      George Walters
Special Projects:  
Hall of Fame    
    Chairman: Paula Thornton 
Inducted 2007
    Members: Past inductees
    Inducted 2001 James Wilson
    Inducted 2002 Cynthia Berry
    Inducted 2003 Frank Howes
    Inducted 2004 Ernest Hebson
    Inducted 2004 John DeYoung, Jr.
    Inducted 2006 James "Jim" Dodd
    Inducted 2007 Neil Jenkins
    Inducted 2008 John Gorecki
    Inducted 2008 Phillip D. Wharton
    Inducted 2009 Dwight R. Roadman
    Inducted 2010 David Fultz
    Inducted 2011 Randy Folsom
    Inducted 2012 Jerome Edwards
    Inducted 2013 James M. Sammons
    Inducted 2014 Randy F. Sonntag
    Inducted 2015 Gary Bottomley
    Inducted 2016 Mark Spreen
    Inducted 2017 Tom Fitzpatrick
    Ex Officio Member Douglas Phillips
Legacy Project    
    Chairman: Tina Laferriere
    Members: Shawn Barat
      Dayna Cole
      Richard Davenport
      Jon Eckman
      David Fultz
      Joshua Grossnicholas
      PL Malcolm
      George Walters
Composition Contest Committee
    Chairman: Jason Hatfield 
    Members: Jeff Cayer
      Larry Clark
      Chuck Fulton
      David Fultz
      Robert Longfield 
      Phil Wharton
      Chandler Wilson
Special Task Forces      
Marching Band Task Force
    Chairman: Shawn Barat
    Members: Mara Rose
      Larry Shane
      Ivan Wansley
      Lawrence Young
      Jeff Adams
Membership Category Task Force  
    Chairman: Dayna Cole
      Shawn Barat
      Robin Benoit
      Cindy Berry
      Jody Dunn
      Frank Howes
      Neil Jenkins
      Scotty Vance
FMEA Conference Facilitator Richard Davenport
Financial Advisor Ryan Whalen