Adjudication Committee  
    Chairman: Chuck Fulton
  Members: 1 Brian Dell
    2 Jeff Cayer
    3 Shelby Chipman
    4 Steve DeLadurantey
  Meets: via email as needed  
All State Bands Committee  
    Chairman: Kristy Dell
  Members: Jr.H/MS Rep: Dayna Cole
    7/8 Band Coord: Hannah Jennings
    HS Jazz Band Coord: Erich Rivero
    MS Jazz Band Coord: Edgar Rubio
    HSHB Coord: Amanda Griffis
    9/10 Band Cord: Keith Griffis
    11/12 Band Coord: Joel Quina
  Meets: Jan. FMEA Conference  
Auxiliary Committee    
    Chairman: Chris Bonner
  Members: 1 Vicki Nolan
    2 June Stoeber
    3 Linda Boone
  Meets: via E-mail  
Benevolence Committee  
    Chairman: Susan Morden
  Members: Dist. Chairs: All
  Meets: e-mail  
Clinics Committee    
  Chairman President:  Jason Duckett
  Members: President Elect:  Cathi Leibinger
    Jr.H/MS Rep:  Dayna Cole
    PRC Chair:   Shelby Chipman
    Clinics Facilitator Randy Folsom
    Collegiate Doug Phillips
    Collegiate Jo Jossim
    Collegiate Gary Green
    Jazz Clinics Erich Rivero
    Ex-Officio Neil Jenkins
    Ex-Officio Linda Mann
    Ex-Officio Shawn Barat
  Meets: September/October and May
Commissioning Committee  
    Chairman: Brian Dell
  Members: North Rep: Shawn Barat
    Central Rep: Dr. Matthew McCutchen
    South Rep: Brent Mounger
    At Large: Dr. Kyle Prescott
      Dave Plack
  Meets: via e-mail  
Concert Music Committee  
    Chairman Ted Shistle
  Members: Jr.H/MS Director: Jim Matthews
    Small HS: Kelly Dorsey
    Large HS:  Cindy Berry
    College/Univ: Scott Tobias
    At Large: Gary Bottomley
    At Large: Kristy Dell
    At Large: Ken Williams
    At Large: John Seth
    At Large: Malena Calle
    At Large: Ian Schwindt
Ethics Committee    
    Chairman Shawn Barat
  Members: North Rep:  
    Central Rep:  
    South Rep:  
Music Performance Assessment Committee  
  Chairman Pres. Elect:   Cathi Leibinger
  Members: Rep of North:  Jeff Adams
    Rep of Central: Joshua Autrey
    Rep of South: Dayna Cole
    HS Director:  Rick Fowler
    Jr.H/MS Director: Travis Henry
    Jazz Director:  Jeff Cayer
    Auxiliary Member: Chris Bonner
    At Large: Barbara Fultz
    At Large: David Fultz
  Meets: January FMEA Conference
    by email when necessary
Finance Committee    
  Chairman Acting Past President: Richard Davenport
  Members: President: Jason Duckett
    President Elect: Cathi Leibinger
    Jr.H/MS Rep: Dayna Cole
    Exec. Director: Neil Jenkins
  Meets: Each July prior to the Board Meeting
Past-Presidents Advisory Committee  
  Chairman Immediate Past Pres: Richard Davenport
  Members: All Past Presidents  
Professional Resources Committee  
  Chairman College instr. teacher: Shelby Chipman
  Members: High School rep:  Ken Boyd
    Jr. H/MS rep:  Jeannie Berry
    State DOE Music Cons:
    At Large: (College) Dr. Gordon Brock
    At Large: (North) Kelly Dorsey
    At Large: (Centrl) Zach Murdock
    At Large: (South) Evan Rogovin
  Meets: January FMEA Conference
Sight-reading Music Committee  
    Chairman: Zach Murdock
    Members: Larry Clark
      Lee Sellers 
      Nick Eggen 
      Jason Duckett
      Kristy Dell 
Solo & Ensemble Music Committee  
    Chairman: Michael Antmann
  Members: Jr.H/MS director:  
    Sr. HS director:  
Technology Committee    
    Chairman: Josh Bula
  Members: North rep:  
    Central rep:  
    South rep:  
    At Large:  
    At Large:  
    At Large:  
Special Committees:  
Hall of Fame    
    Chairman: Paula Thornton
    Members: Past inductees
Jazz Band      
    Chairman: Erich Rivero
    Members: Chris Banks
      Jeff Cayer
      Michele Fernandez-Denlinger
      Rob Lambert
      Jeremy Langford
      Tony Mayato
      John Normandin
      Edgar Rubio
      Don Zentz
    Chairman: KC Crocco
    Members: DeLaine Chapman
      Tammy Roggen
      Asa Jernigan
Retired Members    
Small Schools    
    Chairman: Kelly Dorsey
    Members: Chris Dunn
      Richard Davenport
      Asa Jernigan
      David Norona
      Jessica Russel
      Sonya Shearer
Classification Committee  
    Chairman: Kelly Dorsey
    Members: Michael Antmann
      Robin Benoit
      Chuck Fulton
      Mike German
      Ivan Wansley
      Alex Kaminsky
      Tamara Lewis
      Linda Mann
      Dayna Cole
      Brian Dell
      Marianne Flannagan
Adjudication Training  
    Chairman: Jon Sever
    Members: Ken Williams
      Brian Sullivan
      Larry Shane
      Jim Matthews
Legacy Committee    
    Chairman: Tina Laferriere
    Members: Shawn Barat
      Dayna Cole
      Richard Davenport
      Jon Eckman
      David Fultz
      Joshua Grossnicholas
      PL Malcolm
      Geroge Walters
Henry Fillmore Composition Contest Committee
    Chairman: Phil Wharton
    Members: Jeff Cayer
      Larry Clark
      Roanna Combs
      Chuck Fulton
      David Fultz
      Frank Howes
Membership Category Task Force  
    Chairman: Dayna Cole